Red Silk Rayon Velvet Fabric 45" Wide by The Yard


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This is Truly a One of a Kind Velvet with the look and Drape Beautifully, The Velvet and Silk Velvet! Perfect for Any Formal Dress, High-Fashion Garments, or Exquisite Drapery.

Silk/Rayon Velvet Fabric has a Soft and Unique, Rich and Bursting Texture, and is a Favorite among those who wish to push the Fashion Envelope. Silk/Rayon Velvet Fabric is ideal for many different purposes such as Casino Table Surface, Pool Table Surface, Pillows, Drapes, Cornices, Sophisticated Velvet Gowns, Cocktail Dresses, Bag Lining, Home and Commercial Upholstery, Velvet Capes, Coats, Skirts, Flared Pants, Gloves, Headbands, Handbags, and much more.

80% Rayon

CHARACTER: Slippery and Super Soft Touch, it Drapes Beautifully

PROJECTS: Decor, Drapery, Lining for Dresses, Coats, or make Loose / Tight Fit Clothing

WIDTH: 45"