3D Butterfly Design Embroider on White Mesh Fabric - Sold By the Yard


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Exquisite Embroidered Quality and Brilliant color!

Gorgeous Butterfly 3D Design Embroidered on a Mesh Lace. The Lace 3-D Butterfly's Embroidered for a sparkling real look. This Butterfly's lace has a 3d Butterfly's on the Design that gives a Beautiful Shine. This Lace is a Great item for show people and Dance Dresses, Great for Vegas shows.

The Lace Fabric can be used for Dresses, Tablecloths, Runners, Nightgowns, Fashion, Apparel, Decoration, Prom Dresses, Bridesmaid Dresses, and Much More!

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Gorgeous 3D Laser Cut Butterflies on Mesh. This Fabric has a soft touch, not stiff or scratchy like other tulle fabrics. Vibrant color.
Our 3D Butterfly Tulle has a wide application, can be used for Apparel making as well as for Event Decorations. It will Work Great for making Dresses, Skirts, Tops, Curtains, Scarves, bows, DIY projects, crafts, girls dresses, and many more.
Light weight.
We Guarantee Premium Quality!
Multiple Yardage will come in one piece.