100% Black Acrylic Felt Best Quality Fabric Sold by Yard


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Our 100% Black Acrylic Felt is Perfect for the Novice, intermediate and advanced crafting. This Felt fabric is made from synthetic fibers and with a higher density than most other synthetic crafting felts and offer superb durability for ease of manipulation, cutting, and gluing without unraveling or creasing. It is perfect for cutting into shapes, making costumes, decorations, bulletin board backdrops, and just about anything you can imagine! This felt is easy to iron and perfectly safe for kids.

Felt is a textile material that is produced by matting, condensing and pressing fibers together. This 100% Acrylic Felt can be made of acrylic/polyester fibers. Today, felt is used in many craft projects. One of the reasons behind the renewed popularity of felt for use in crafts is its sheer versatility. Felt ranges from pieces of commercially manufactured felt that are made from man-made fibers that are economical to buy, through to handmade felt that uses the finest animal fibers.

When you order more than 1 yard it will come in one continuous piece, so if you order 3 yards or 2 orders of 3 yards you will receive one piece 6 yards.
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